Overlapped content



For a long time, we considered function and space has a Inseparable relationship, it seems quite reasonable for different functions to fit with different spaces defined by walls with different width or ceilings with different height; But, from another point of view, it seems we need a more generic and common space which can use its emptiness to fit for a multifunctional purpose. Within the dilemma between specific and generic, we propose this kind of space. Its shape is overlapping different functional shapes. For every different function, they are sharing the emptiness of this space. Meanwhile, we add different special elements on the enclosure wall, these elements are offering the potential functions for this space. These elements are fixed, fragmented, simultaneously co-existed. Furthermore, we extracted the common components within different special elements—screen, auditorium and desktop, and combine them within one object. Finally, we create different functions within this fixed common space through the different ways of combination of this object and special elements on the enclosure wall. Polycarbonate panels compose this object; it is light enough for people to move it without machines, and sturdy enough to hold the weights of users. 

In this proposal, we try to show the generic character of “emptiness” and special characters of enclosure elements in the same time. When people are using this space for one function, the other potential functions are still there as fragments, people can notice the multi-functional character of this space no matter which function of space they are in, in this sense, we offer a possibility for the people to interact with this space initiatively, and change the function of space initiatively.

// 设计竞赛

// 一等奖

// 功能:多功能影厅 

// 建筑面积:40m2 与 80m2

// 地点:三亚

// 设计团队:毛磊  张凌霄  盛丹力