MONOLITH ARCHITECTS 方石建筑是由毛磊于2014年在北京建立的建筑事务所。它是一个孵化平台,致力于将基于当代社会观察的理论研究物化成建筑实体。我们试图通过它以一种中性的方式去揭示建筑和城市的不同侧面,并且在理论和实践/全球化和地域化/公共和私有/共同的和个人的/主体和客体/领域和环境/一般的和特例的——这些两难命题之间找到一条可行之道。我们将建筑本身作为一种关键的图解,我们通过建筑去理解以上这些两难命题。同时,也正因为建筑本身的复杂性和矛盾性,建筑往往可以成为一种可以植入和影响上述两难命题的特洛伊木马。我们希望能够通过我们对建筑的各种可能性的探索,给予这些看似对立的双方以互通的机会。

MONOLITH ARCHITECTS 方石建筑作为一个建筑实践事务所,我们提供建筑设计,室内设计,展览设计,景观设计和城市设计的相关服务。作为一个研究工作室,我们感兴趣于学术研究和展览,出版以及其他形式的知识生产与传播方式。作为一个咨询公司,我们为城市发展和都市转型提供概念设计和策略。作为一个建筑师组织,我们提供一个年轻建筑师交流和分享知识的合作平台。

MONOLITH ARCHITECTS was founded by Lei Mao at Beijing in 2014. It is a platform trying to breed concrete architectural form from theoretical knowledge based on the observation of contemporaty society. It aims to reveal different aspects of architecture and city in a neutral way and endeavor to find a path within the dilemma between theory and practice, globolization and localization, public and private, common and individual, subject and object, territory and enviroment, generic and exclusive so on and so forth. Architecture is considered as an essential diagram which leads us to understand all these dilemmas. Meanwhile, because of the comlextity and contradictoriness of architecture itself, it has always been a kind of Trojan Horse which can implant into these dilemmas and enfect them. We'd like to explore all the possibilities in the work to create a chance of meeting the coherent point within all these conflicts.

MONOLITH ARCHITECTS as a practice office, we offer the service of architecture design, interior design, exhibition design, landscape design and urban design. As a research studio, we have interest on academic researchs, exhibitions, publications and any other kind of knowledge producing process. As a consultant company, we develope concept and stratygies emphasis on the city development and urban transformation. As an association, we work as a platform for young architects to collaborate communicate and to share the knowledge.


Principle Architects:

· 毛磊  在西北工业大学获得建筑学学士和硕士学位,之后从2011年到2013年就读于荷兰的贝尔拉格研究所。在毕业后从2013年到2014年加入荷兰的OMA(大都会建筑事务所),参与了多个从前期竞赛到后期建造的不同项目。同一年,受邀于策展人雷姆·库哈斯,他的研究作品在第十四届威尼斯国际建筑双年展的主展馆展示。

MAO Lei got his Bachelor and Master of architecture degrees in Northwestern Polytechnical University in China, later studied in Berlage Institute in Netherlands from 2011 to 2013, after graduation he collaborated with OMA from 2013 to 2014, participanted many different projects. In the same year, he is invited to present his work of research in Monditalia in 14th Venice Biennale.

· 孫寧卿  國家一級註冊建築師(中國大陸),德国德绍建筑学院建筑学硕士,城市學者,鳳凰城市專欄作者。

Kirk SUN Registered Architect (PRC) and Urbanist, Master of Architecture in DIA, Columist of Ifeng Media Urban Channel.

· 廖晓飓  毕业于广州美术学院建筑系,曾任Plasma Studio项目建筑师、凤凰网城市专栏作家、城市研究团体高地学社研究员及负责人。

Alan LIAO  is graduated from architecture department in GAFA,a former project architect in Plasma Studio, a columnist in city section of ifeng and a researcher and an organizer of Highland Studio.

· 彭喆  获得清华大学学士与硕士学历,之后曾就读于荷兰的贝尔拉格研究所。曾就职于都市实践。曾获得多项国际设计竞赛奖项。

Peng Zhe got Master and Bechelor Degree from Tsinghua University, then he studied in Berlage Institute in Netherlands. He has been working in URBANUS, and he has won some international competitions.

· 张器安  毕业于西安建筑科技大学建筑系,曾就职于中国建筑设计研究院。器安木作品牌创始人,木作匠人。

Zhang Qi'an got Bechelor Degree from Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology, then he worked at China Architecture Design Group. He is also the Founder of Qi'an Wood furniture brand.




Collaborators Since 2014: